Silvia Regina Thomackenstein
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Let's talk about wood

Round Table Talk

June 11, 2020 6.30pm
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We all know wood. We walk over wood, sit on wood, feel wood, see wood. But what do we actually know about wood? We know it as something living and decaying, as part of our so familiar surroundings.

This event is part of the exhibition
att uppleva konst hemifrån
on display from June 7-16, 2020
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In the exhibition att uppleva konst hemifrån, the works of Danish artist Sara Nielsen Bonde are exhibited in a very site-specific context: in the private garden of curator Silvia Thomackenstein, who, together with the artist, addresses the dialogue between artworks and their surroundings with this exhibition project. Bonde works with wooden materials in her mainly sculptural works. However in her works, the wood is often not visible to the naked eye, as it was used as artwork for printing, for example, or was replaced by other materials leaving us with an impression of wood.

In order to spark a conversation about wood, curator Silvia Thomackenstein invites you to a round table talk as part of the exhibition, where different perspectives on wood meet, overlap and complement each other - which can create a completely new view of wood. You are invited to experience how complex the material wood can be – or become, how detailed you can work with it, how you can change its structure or even how to draw inspiration from it.

The guests all deal intensively with the materiality of wood. They are experts in their discipline. In the fields of interior design, carpentry, science and also art, wood seems to be a much more complex material on many different dimensions.

The guests of the event are Andreas Nobel (Interior designer), Céline Montanari (scientist), Max Jacob Falk (cabinetmaker) and Sara Nielsen Bonde (artist).

Andreas Nobel is interior- and furniture designer and one of Co-founder of the design and architecture office UglyCute in Stockholm, Sweden. He received his PhD in 2014 with the thesis “Shady Enlightenment - textualized thinking and its consequences for design”. He is currently holding a Professorship for furniture design at Linköpings University Malmsten on Lidingö, Sweden. Since its inception in 1999, UglyCute has consciously tried to mix and confuse theory, practice and pedagogy in the field of design. Even after leaving the group, Nobel has continued this way of working and is dedicated to these issues and questions concerning design from the perspectives of craft, text, talk, technology, education, therapy, and art.

Céline Montanari is a Ph.D student at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden since 2017. She holds a double M.Sc. degree in Materials Science and Engineering (2017) from the European School of Materials Science and Engineering (EEIGM, France), and Luleå University of Technology (LTU, Sweden). Currently, she is part of the Wallenberg Wood Science Center at KTH. Her research focuses on transparent wood composites and includes polymer chemistry, wood modification, and design of functional transparent wood composites for structural applications.

Max Jacob Falk studies cabinetmaking at Linköpings University Malmsten on Lidingö, Sweden, with additional training in both green woodworking along with traditional joinery using hand tools. Through years of writing and arranging music he gained a conceptual approach of thinking which he is now applying to furniture making, regarding both technical aspects such as the chosen material and technique used, as well as visual aspects like color, textures and other tactile qualities. He is currently working on his journeyman’s piece which is a combination of music, poetry, imagery, ceramics and woodworking. He is interested in further developing an interdisciplinary exchange between crafts people, designers, artists and artforms and materializing it through furniture.

Sara Nielsen Bonde graduated from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in the spring of 2019. In the same year she received the Fredrik Roos Art Grant and exhibited at the konsthall Artipelag in the Stockholm archipelago. She is an artist whose works centers around the dialogue between her mostly sculptural artworks and their environment. Her work to date is very much related to wooden materials, but these are not necessarily visible in the works, as they often serve as casting templates or inspiration.

This project is supported by Stockholm University, as part of my degree in Curating Art (Department for Culture and Aesthetics).